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Are you frustrated that Google ranked 15 YouTube videos on the first page of SERP – using the keyword you wanted to rank? Upset that your blog post is showing up on Google’s second or third index page?  Google ranks videos as universal posts with superior credibility. But why are the blog posts you want to rank on Page 1 of the Google search engine kicked to the second page?


Recently, I discovered the ultimate (the supreme) video plugin by Nick from Simple Video Pro. I call this a video plugin because it places blog posts with videos at the top of Google search results. The plugin also helped me, an Internet and affiliate marketer, sell products.


Pros and cons of the Simple Video Pro plugin


Watch the following introductory video and find out how you can take control of YouTube videos posted in your blog with Simple Video Pro. As you can see, I am using the simple video pro player to embed the following YouTube video. You really need to see the video till the end and see what happens!


[imaioVideo v=1]



My Blog Posts with YouTube Videos are Showing Up in Google Video Results


My blog posts containing YouTube videos appeared in Google search results high above the YouTube video itself.  As you may know, I used to be an Organo Gold distributor and had my own sales website for selling Organo Gold products.


Here is an example of how I ranked for a long tail Organo Gold-related keyword. I have a post about G3 premium beauty soap in this blog. When you search for “g3 beauty soap” in Google, you’ll see my post on Google’s first page.


First-page Google exposure does not guarantee a click. It is more important to make the result compelling for the searcher to click. When you look at the search result, there is only one video among the results on the first page – my review blog post indexed in Google as a video post. You already know how effective videos are with searchers. People would rather watch a video than read a blog post!


Now, when you go to that search result —G3 Premium Beauty Soap Gives Me a Youthful Vibe! – you’ll see a review of the product. I did not make a special video. All I did was find a YouTube video about the product and embed it in the blog post using the Simple Video Pro plugin. I added an appealing thumbnail image to make the result stand out.


When you click on the video play button, there’s a banner visible on the video. You can’t place banners on regularly-embedded YouTube videos. The banner is clickable and directs visitors to my online shop. More details about adding banners to your video are coming up in just a few minutes.


I can show you several examples of my blog posts indexed in search results as video posts, but that would take up this entire blog post. What I really want to show you are the other amazing features of this plugin.


Here is just one more example. Recently I had a blog post called “Can Triberr Really Expand Your Blog Visibility?


Several people including Dino Dogan, the founder of Triberr, have YouTube videos about the advantages of using Triberr for blogging. But, when you search in Google under videos using the keyword “Triberr”, you will see my blog post indexed as #2 under video results (click here to see the result).


Directly Embedding a YouTube Video in a Blog Post is Suicide


Embedding a YouTube video into your blog post definitely has some advantages. It keeps visitors in your site longer. But, think about it. Does length of stay really matter? Can you sell anything by showing a YouTube video in your blog post?


Simple Video Pro


Well, probably YouTube will show its own ads in the video and make some money from your blog. At the end of the video, YouTube will suggest other interesting videos to your blog visitors and take traffic away from your blog post. Meh…


With the Simple Video Pro plugin, you have total control over the embedded YouTube video. You can add your thumbnail image at the end of a video and hide YouTube-related distractions. The thumbnail can hide other videos AND act as an affiliate link.


Simply add the affiliate link to the thumbnail image. That directs visitors who click at the end of the video to your affiliate page. Instead of sending visitors to YouTube, use Simple Video Pro to send traffic to YOUR OWN online shop, an affiliate website or wherever you really want visitors to go. The control is out of YouTube’s hands and into yours.


Plugin Prevents Users from Going to YouTube and Keeps Them on Your Site


Blog posts keep readers in your website. You add YouTube videos with blog posts to draw reader interest. As I mentioned earlier, YouTube is dangerous and addictive. They are big boys who tempt viewers to watch videos so Google makes money.


Simple video Pro prevents YouTube’s plans. It disables the misdirection function so people do not end up clicking on a video that offers no potential profit for you.


Add Banners to your Blog Post YouTube Video

How many times have you thought about adding an affiliated product banner to the YouTube video you display in your blog post? YouTube won’t let you do that. To add insult to injury, YouTube will also show AdSense ads in YouTube on YOUR OWN website.


With Simple Video Pro, you customize banners ads on top of any YouTube videos embedded in your blog post.


For example, let’s say you are an Amazon affiliate and have a review of a product in your blog post. You want to add a YouTube video to spice up the review.


Pretend you are reviewing the Nikon COOLPIX L810 16.1 MP Digital Camera. Go to YouTube and find an interesting video: Probably you will find this video.


Embed the video in your review with the Simple Video Pro plugin. Add your own banner with an Amazon affiliate link and, at the end of the video, place a cool thumbnail image or include a call-to-action image with an affiliate link. The choice is yours.


Redirecting To Your Affiliate Link at the End of the Video


Imagine you have a visitor checking out your review of an Amazon product. You have the cool video embedded and the banner with an affiliate link. Your visitor didn’t click on your banner or the thumbnail.


You want the Amazon product review to encourage the viewer to buy the product. So, how about sending the blog visitor directly to the Amazon product page after they watched your review video? With Simple video Pro, you can redirect your visitors to an affiliate product page automatically after they’ve viewed the video.


Social Sharing Buttons on Embedded Video


When you share a YouTube video, all the credit usually goes to YouTube and the video owner. Simple Video Pro allows you to install a social sharing button on the embedded video, so visitors can share it. When the video is shared, so is your blog post (instead of the YouTube video). If you have a YouTube channel of your own, you can add a subscription button to “Your YouTube Channel” –not to the channel of the embedded video.


Buy Now Button on Embedded Video


If you have your own product and use PayPal, you can set your own PayPal Buy Now button on the embedded video. Visitors will be directed to your PayPal page where they can buy your product directly.


Custom Thumbnail Image for Your Video


The Simple Video Pro plugin enables you to use a custom thumbnail image at the beginning and at the end of each video. You can have 2 separate images, one for the beginning and another for the end. You can also choose the same image for both ends of the video.


The custom thumbnail you choose is critical. The image you pick will be shown as the video thumbnail in search results (SERP). Choose the right image to increases click through in SERP. The thumbnail image at the end of a video acts as a screen to prevent YouTube from showing related videos.


The end thumbnail image also can be used as an affiliate link. Add the link to the end thumbnail image (optional). When you do, a viewer who hits replay will be directed to your affiliate product page.


Customizing the Video Start and End Time with Total Control


There is one problem when you choose to embed a YouTube video from your competition in a blog post. Your rival’s video will have a big ad before the video starts to encourage traffic to its own website. You can eliminate it! Let’s say the owner of the video you want to use has a 15-minute ad at the end of the video? Get rid of it!


With the Simple Video Pro plugin, you can customize the start and the end time of the YouTube video you want to embed in your blog post. Skip the competitor’s ads at the beginning and end of the video and show visitors what you want them to see. You take total control of the video instead of giving away profits to YouTube or the owner of the video.


Option to Set your Video to be Embedded in Other Blogs


Notice that the sales video I posted in this video has a small option that says “Embed this video.” This tool is really handy, when you have a product and want affiliates to promote the video. Your affiliates can use the embedding option, copy the code and place the same video in their own website.


Again, you have full control including the option to let others customize banners and affiliate links. Your affiliate can use the edit option to promote the video and insert their own affiliate link.


Comparing Simple Video Pro with Yoast Video XML plugin


I am a big fan of the free Yoast SEO WordPress plugin to optimize my blog post. Yoast recently introduced a premium plugin to optimize your blog posts as video posts. It adds a video site map to search engines to let them know that there is a video in the post.


However, Yoast Video XML Sitemap plugin does not give you the extra benefits offered by Simple Video Pro. When You use the Yoast plugin , your blog posts with videos will be indexed in Google with Video search results.


Yoast will not prevent visitors from going to YouTube. You can’t add a banner. You have no option to include affiliate links. Your videos will be just as plain any other YouTube embedded video in a blog with Google showing its on advertisements.


If you are an affiliate or Internet marketer trying to sell products, Simple Video Pro plugin can be more effective than Yoasts’ Video optimizing plugin.


Price for the Simple Video Pro


Choose from 3 types of licenses to use Simple Video pro.


  • Personal Use – Installed in 3 sites you own/ 1-year free update  ($97.00)  $67.00
  • Personal Unlimited – Unlimited Sites you own/ 1-year free update for ($147.00) $77.00
  • Developer – Unlimited sites you own & clients sites/ 1-year free update ($227.00) $97.00


Now here is A SUPERIOR DEAL! I have a developer license and can install the Simple Video Pro plugin in your WordPress sites — 3 WP sites — for an extremely attractive price. You get all the information about this service here:


If you prefer to get a developer license to do your own installations, get it directly from Nick.


My Verdict


Simple Video Pro is the best video plugin to lure the traffic from search engines by showing your blog posts along with video search results. People love videos! Chances are that, when your blog post with a custom thumbnail image appears under video results, viewers will click on it over a blog post that simply shows a text result.


The plugin not only attracts traffic. It turns visitors into customers. What good is a plugin that creates traffic without sales? As a marketer you want as much traffic volume as possible to sell your product. Traffic doesn’t pay, unless you are an AdSense publisher getting paid few cents for each visit..


Simple Video Pro is about bringing on heavy organic traffic and converting it to real sales.


Go to this page to get details about getting the Simple Video Pro plugin for your 3 WordPress sites.

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