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social media marketing


Social media marketing is a way to gain attention in today’s  various social media platforms. It’s when social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Flickr among others are used for purposes of marketing. When a grand audience is required for marketing, social media marketing is the perfect, most convenient, and most effective solution.


There are quite a lot of factors which add up to the importance of social media marketing.


Wider Target Market


According to Internet world stats, the number of Facebook users around the world in 2012 is 835.6 million. As per Twitter, there are more than 140 million active twitter users.  There is a 566.4% growth in the number of Internet users because of these social media platforms.


When this real time social media network is used to advertise and market one’s business, there is a huge potential for increased sales and quicker success. It just depends on one’s strategies on engaging with such a big audience.


Social media marketing gives the biggest possible market exposure, which proves to be its core strength against any other marketing platforms.


Brand Building


The credibility of any company or business increases when customers have faith in the brand. When brand strategies are built according to customers’s wants and needs, it adds up to the company’s goodwill. When any brand is shared with the right target audience, they will certainly pass it to people with same likes and preferences. Thus, creating customer-to-customer brand strengthening, which can only be easily achieved thru social media marketing.


Existing Brands can very well be endorsed and the new ones can be established using the personal interactions with the audiences one can find through social media networks.


Better Relationship with the Customer


Social media marketing provides an opportunity to directly interact with customers regarding their needs and preferences. When you draft your marketing plan, the foremost thing  for you to decide on is the market to be targeted. When that target market is approached, there may be some differences between what the market needs and what you offer. Customers’ needs is a factor you must consider, and through social media, you can certainly identify it, and when the customers’ needs are properly taken care of, they naturally build faith in your brand and can even help you strengthen your brand online.


Direct Feedback


A business undoubtedly prospers when customers are free to give feedback. The positive ones can be used to build the brand and the customers can feel their importance because you value their feedback. The negative feedback are even more important. You can build new strategies to improve your brand. By hearing your customers’ feedback, you also make them feel that they are valued and that your brand is committed to providing only the best solutions for their needs.


Social media marketing is one of those online marketing strategies, which is gaining pace quickly and effectively. It has successfully catered to the number one element of your success – your customers. Social media marketing has changed the way of communication and has drastically affected the ways by which marketing is done.

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