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Have you ever thought how your people look at you as a boss?


The pathway to becoming your own boss is not easy. Oftentimes, being a boss makes you encounter a lot of huge challenges, which you never imagined you can surpass, before becoming one. This includes keeping your business profitable.


However, a profitable business is not an indication of being a great boss. Remember, it is not just because of you that your business is generating profit, rather it is because of the people who tirelessly work for it and work for you. Your people is the bloodline of your business and without them, your business dies and you become nothing. So your people deserve to have a great boss.


Part of being a great boss is by motivating your people to do their best through influencing and inspiring them and developing their full potential for them to achieve their own success.


To further give you more ideas on how to be a great boss, check out this 5 important things that will guide you to become one.



Motivate And Inspire Your Employees


Communicate with your employees daily. Know and understand in what way you can be able to inspire and motivate them. Identify the issues and challenges they are facing and try to become part of the solution instead of nagging them. Employees appreciate it when you reach out to them and encourage them to do their best and try harder when they know you are with them. You can also tell them your vision and the reason why you want to achieve it with them. They love it when they feel they are part of your plans and that they play a big role in achieving it. Lastly, acknowledge and praise them publicly when they did an outstanding performance to further motivate them to do more.



Build Bridges of Trust


When employees know  you trust them, it gives them the confidence to do their job in an outstanding manner. This is actually a two-way communication — you trust them and they will trust you. In that way you can create a positive working environment that enables your people to give out their best. In addition to getting their trust, you need to become a good example to them. Show them that you are a team player whom they can rely on. Make them feel that they have your empathy by asking if they are all right or if they need help. Don’t gossip and keep their information and issues confidential. Most importantly, be fair with your judgments and always tell the truth no matter how bad or good it is.




Do Not Manipulate Your Employees


You will see the full potential of your people if you let them become themselves. Don’t try to micro-manage, manipulate or dictate them on what to do as it will only bring pressure to them which might lead to failure and poor work performance. Instead, you can talk with them and ask them about their passion and hobbies so you can know them better. That way, you can easily identify on kind of project or work each of your employees are good at. There are things you know that other people don’t and same goes with your employees.




Develop Your Employees


One way to retain your employees is to develop their skills and their careers. Employees would love to know the fact that you are thinking about them and their career development. This will motivate them to give their best in doing their jobs and exceed the standards you have set. Provide them the trainings and tools that they need to help them develop their full potential. Always remember, your people is your greatest asset.




Give Time To Get Your Employee’s Feedback


If your people feel you value them, they will be more comfortable to open-up things pertaining to their working environment situation. Try to ask them questions such as, team problem, workplace issues, management concerns and the like. Talk with them in the most approachable way so they would able to speak their mind and be honest with you. Ask for feedback and if you hear something unpleasant, accept it and guarantee them that you will take action for the sake of growth, development and positive workplace environment. That way, you can create a good working relationship with your employees and a healthy working environment.




Being recognized as a great boss and being loved by your employees are two of the most fulfilling things as a business owner or representative. Sometimes, being a boss does not only mean obtaining the highest position in your business but being a great leader to your employees, as well.


Furthermore, to be truly called a great boss lies not only in the large profit your company is generating but also in the happiness of your people who tirelessly work in your company.


The success of your business depends on the performance of your employees. So invest in building your relationship with them and strive hard to become a great boss.


If you want to become a great boss reach out to me. I’m a serial entrepreneur with several multimillion dollar businesses under my belt. I know what I’m doing and by the time I’m done mentoring you, you’ll know what you’re doing to. Contact me today to learn more about what I can offer your business!

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