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If you are a writing enthusiast, blogging is one of the best ways for you to get a lot of readers. However, it is not that easy to build your audience. There are a lot of things you need to consider most importantly the length of your blog posts. Some audience get bored with posts that are too long while others feel hanging when reading short blog posts causing them to leave your blog and find another resource especially if the lengths of your posts are inconsistent. So which is which?


The length of your blog post should somehow depend on the kind of audience you want to get. You must identify your end-goal from writing your blog and the result you want to get from making such. Do you want more engagements? Relay relevant information about certain issues? Or just simply share your lifestyle and experiences to inspire others?


Moreover, if you want to know the specific length to some specific end-goals to further clear your thoughts, here are the 4 common end-goals that most bloggers wish to achieve with their corresponding blog post lengths.

To Get More Comments and Generate Discussions

Usually in this type of blog, you are going to display just a very short discussion about a certain thing and ask readers for their ideas and answers. This type of blog stimulates readers’ urge to engage on your post especially when they are knowledgeable with your topic. It would only take you about 75-300 words in making this kind of blog. Literally, it is really very short and is horrible for search engine optimization thus gives your blog fewer traffic. In addition with making very short blog posts, you have to make at least one of it every week to be able to continue generate viewers. It may burn you out but if you love interactions, you will enjoy it.


Middle Ground for Social Shares and Comments

Still too short for search engine optimization, this type of blog only requires you 300-800 words in getting just the right  number of comments and shares. This is  just a typical blog post but recommended as well by those experts in blogging. Here you may slowly get an adequate amount of shares and comments enough if you are only just starting to make blogs. Additionally, the standard length for  professional journalism which includes newspapers reaches only 750 word so it suits in this type of blog.

To Get More Social Media Shares

In this blog, you need to make it into something that interest the readers such as solving their problem, making life-related posts or giving to-the-point advices. But do not make it too long because it might lead you to putting some unnecessary and irrelevant things which may bore your readers. Just a medium-length blog post comprising 800-1500 words is enough to touch the heart of your readers. However, experts say that this type of blog is poor in getting more comments but it would still depend on your audience and how engaging your post is. This kind of blog also makes it easier for you to get more traffic since it is pretty good for search engine optimization.

To Get Thousands of New Readers Every Month

Thinking that the shorter is better? Nope. You got it wrong. Not all people want reading short blog posts and not all short blog posts are able to attract more readers at least for this reason— the shorter your blog post is, the lesser it gets for search engine optimization, meaning fewer traffic for your post. If you want to have thousands of new readers every month, you need to work in making your blog posts visible to more audiences and one thing to be able to do this is to improve your search engine optimization. Based on studies, the topped rank articles on Google most often reaches around 2500 words since search engines love to notice long authoritative post especially when the content is quite interesting. So basically, you will not just make a long post to be able to reach the standard number of post without checking your content. You still need to have blog posts which contents stimulate readers’ interest and make sure that your topics are actually those that are usually being searched by people.



To sum up, longer posts are better in getting more traffic since it is SEO-friendly while shorter posts are best in getting more engagements.


There are no rules in how long your blog posts should be and that is what makes blogging great. The bottom-line here is that your blog should always depend on you and your target end-goals. If you already figured out the real purpose of your blog, you would probably going to produce exceptional blog posts for your audience.


Now  that you know some of bloggers’ common end-goals, have you identified yours yet? So… how long do you think your blog posts should be?


If you want to know more about blogging and how it can help your business reach out to me. I’m a serial entrepreneur with several multimillion dollar businesses under my belt. I know what I’m doing and by the time I’m done mentoring you, you’ll know what you’re doing to. Contact me today to learn more about what I can offer your business!

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