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Video marketing has sensationally become a part of any person’s Internet marketing efforts. And just like a Facebook status, a blog post or a tweet, a video can easily turn viral. Thus, video marketing is one of the most preferred Internet marketing strategies these days.

History of Video Marketing

Thanks to YouTube because not only do music lovers take advantage of it by watching their favorite artist’s MTVs but Internet marketers like me are also gaining a lot of online benefits from it!


Video Marketing

Looking back, businesses advertised through radios, then on televisions, glossy magazines and as ads on websites. No matter the venue of advertisement, the main purpose is to get more sales leads and generate more profits for the business. While the world is ever-evolving, some things still remain the same – businesses still aim for huge, huge profits!


Using Video Marketing in Network Marketing

Good thing, video marketing has been doing wonders! Many entrepreneurs and even large-scale companies are using video marketing as an advertising channel. In one study conducted by the Chicago Tribune, they found out that more people click on videos than read a news article published online. This is definitely one of the key reasons why everyone is so hooked on video marketing, knowing that it can help them increase their customer base and sales, and establish their branding.


Another reason why Internet marketers go for video marketing is that is very easy to do. If you have watched me in my videos, you will notice that it is my way of presenting and introducing myself to you. Once people see that you are a real person and they find the things you talk about in your videos really useful, they will begin to trust you and become regular visitors of your website. The next thing you know, they are already one of your customers or business partners.


Be a genuine, fun and sensible person in your videos – that is a surefire way to attract highly-convertible traffic through video marketing!


Even luxury car maker Ferrari uses the “free video platform” to advertise, even though they have the money to spend. Free does not mean it is bad. If you are new to video marketing and internet marketing, check out these guys and learn the first steps of video marketing and internet marketing by going to this link.


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