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Planning to make a small business website? Let us make it a fabulous one!


Before that, how important really is it to have your own wonderful, uniques website?


As a small business, it would be very hard for you to compete with large companies when it comes to branding. However, you can do something to attract potential customers and gently convert them into buyers. How? Through first impression. When you look at a website with a great and clean content and is easy to navigate, what do you feel? Most likely, you become curious about its content and  become tempted to stay on that website, right? Meaning you become impressed when a website is well-made.


Moreover, having a wonderfully made website shows respect to your viewers and serves as your gratitude for visiting your website. It also shows professionalism. Lastly, a well-designed website impacts your search results getting you ahead from the other websites.


Now, what makes a fabulous small business website? Below are the 5 important things you need to consider when making a website in order for you to attract more leads.


Fast Load Time


The very first thing you need to work out here is to make you website load time faster. Most viewers are impatient when a website’s load time take too much of their time. This may make them leave your website without even seeing a single content and transfer to your competitor’s fast-loading website. Your website designs and contents would then become useless. So if you want to get more viewers, make sure that your website’s load time is faster than others, it will give you an edge from your competitors. Pro tip: An intense graphic design could eat up a lot of your website’s load time.



Simple. Organize. Attractive Website.


Is it not too eye-stressing seeing over-designed websites with different templates scattered everywhere? Viewers get confused and overwhelmed when you put too complicated designs on your website. So better make a simple, organized yet attractive website that is pleasing to the eyes. As long as it can convey the message clearly as to what your website and your products are all about, it would be enough. Your viewers’ interest depend on how appealing your content is so quit making your website too extravagant because it would only be a waste of your money and effort. In connection to tip #1, a simple design helps you have a faster-loading website.




Appealing and Informative Content.


Content is the heart of your website. Its life depends on how relevant and significant your content is. The poorer your website’s content is, the faster it dies. So when creating your own small business website, give more attention on your content above all. Introduce your brand and give impression of a professional branding to your viewers. Include high-quality images of the the products or services you offer. If possible, put only things that your viewers want to see. One thing that will really make your viewers go through all the things written on your content is having engrossing heading.




Contact Visibility.


This one is so obvious but most of the time forgotten by business websites. This is very important so viewers can easily contact you for orders and  further inquiries. A quick response from your sales team or customer service team can get the trust of your leads, thus giving your business additional potential customers. If possible, put your contact details such as, phone number or email address, at the top of your website page so viewers can easily see and get it when your products interest them. Never take contact details for granted, it may be just a very little part of the aesthetics of your website but it can highly convert a lot of viewers into buyers.




Well – Showcased Product


A great website design is useless when your product images and content are obviously out of place. The purpose of making your website fabulous is to capture viewers’ attention and win their interests on your products. However, if they cannot see the importance of your products, making your website fantastic is just a waste of your time and money, as well. Always remember that every seconds count, you only have a few seconds to get the interest of your viewers. If you want to win them, you must give them the most appropriate information of the products and services you offer, otherwise you will lose them.




Whether you are a small-scale or big-time business owner, you are capable of having a fabulous website. It may cost you a little but the ROI (return of investment) you get out of your website is tremendously high. You only need to look into simple matters and try to put yourself on the shoes of your viewers.


When making a website, consider asking yourself this question in a viewer’s perspective: What are the qualities of a website that you first look into before engaging into it


If you are able to apply your answer to that question on your own business website, then you are ready to make a fabulous website and provide great services to your customers or clients.


If you’re unsure of how to make your own business website reach out to me. I’m a serial entrepreneur with several multimillion dollar businesses under my belt. I know what I’m doing and by the time I’m done mentoring you, you’ll know what you’re doing to. Contact me today to learn more about what I can offer your business!

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