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Youtube MarketingUnless you have been living in an extremely remote area with no outside communication for the last 10 years, you must be familiar with what is. Yes, it is usually most famous in the mountains of ridiculous or hilarious videos that random people around the world post, but did you know that is can be equally important as a marketing tool for your business of all types? How is it important for a business, you might ask?

YouTube Video Networking

On YouTube, there is no limit to the different things you can advertise and how many videos that you want to make. You can advertise a variety of different sites and products without losing your targeted prospective customers. Honestly, the more diverse your products and services are, the more customers you could possibly gain from these types of advertisements.

YouTube is not just about teens and young adults anymore. You can reach a variety of age groups because almost everyone uses it today. Your perspective customers also have the opportunity to ask you questions and give you important feedback on your posted videos. This does not only serve the customers that might have questions, but it will also help you to keep your videos current. You will be able to see clearly what type of marketing techniques work in bringing in new customers and which ones do not, because they will simply tell you!

YouTube Marketing for Small Businesses

YouTube is excellent for newly started or small businesses because of the amount of exposure you can get for little or no money at all. You can always opt to pay for front page advertising, but you can also upload your own commercial or intro video absolutely free.

Exposure is what keeps small businesses alive and YouTube is available almost everywhere around the world. Anyone with a medium to high speed internet connection has the opportunity to browse it. This means that your little start up business can now be connected with worldwide access to people you have never been able to connect with before.

The use of tags to classify and organize videos is another excellent asset for any type of business. A common marketing tool is to pay for advertisements on a search engine when certain keywords are used in the search bar. Tagging your video serves the same purpose on your YouTube site.

For instance, if you have a small company that sells purses or bags, then you can tag your video with keywords relevant to purses, bags, fashion and lots of others. When someone types something like Purse Store or Buy Purses into the YouTube search bar, your video will appear in one of the results pages.

YouTube can work wonders for any type of business that wants to reach additional prospects and customers while keeping their current customers happy. Like the other social media websites (Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal, Blogger, etc) it would be a horribly wasted resource for you to not use them in promoting your business.

Annetta Powell

Your Professional Success Coach

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