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I think all social media marketing professionals will agree with me when I say that capturing more ‘Likes’ for your official Facebook business page is very much a welcomed phenomenon. But let’s get real; getting a virtual thumbs up doesn’t pay the bills. If you can’t successfully turn Facebook likes into sales, it doesn’t matter how many you have.

When it comes down to it, the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy is measured by certain metrics like leads and traffic. If your Facebook business page has 2,400 fans but isn’t generating either, you kind of lose your bragging rights. If what you’re doing to create engagements isn’t contributing to your overall business goals; I’m sorry to break it to you, but your efforts are basically worthless.


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Four Ways To Turn Facebook Likes Into Sales


The good news? If you know how to use them, Facebook Likes can be a great tool for generating leads and converting them into sales, and here are four tips to get you started.


1: Create ‘Fan Only’ Coupons


Coupons are a fantastic way to connect customers and fans. It’s really an easy sell—you’re incentivizing people to browse your services and products by offering a deal.

In a recent study from CreditDonkey revealed that 67% of consumers made a purchase last year because they had a coupon. If that doesn’t speak volumes, I don’t know what does!

When people Like your business Facebook page, they’re showing an interest in your brand or company. But it’s entirely possible that it’s simply because you post thought-provoking content, not because they actually buy anything from you. 

If this is something you’ve been noticing, a great way to bridge the gap and attract new customers and sales could be as simple as offering a ‘Thank You For Liking Us!’ coupon. It’s practically a no-brainer.


2: Storytelling with Your Service or Product


A service or product on its face can be quite mundane. Take a tax preparation business for example. It doesn’t sound particularly exciting, but it becomes exciting when you show people all the great things it does or can be used for, which in this case is saving time, energy, and money on filing your taxes.



Tips for Optimizing Storytelling in Your Posts


  • Images and videos are better than words, so don’t be afraid to include a lot of supporting, engaging imagery.
  • Don’t focus on the product as much as you focus on the fun or fulfillment of doing it. 
  • Name drop when you can; people love to use products and services that their favorite celebrities also use or endorse.
  • Show how your service or product solves one or more of consumers’ problems and they’ll be even more persuaded into purchasing.


3: Give People An Inside Look At Your Process


When someone has a deeper understanding of the methods and work that goes into making something, they tend to appreciate it more. Show people a behind the scenes look into your life, personal moments, interviews, and other things business related.

If you’re a successful property flipper, post videos and content that offers an inside look at the process at every stage. Sure, people like the glamor, but they’ll also like the raw view into your business, especially if it can help them with their own real estate deals.


4: Leverage Customer Testimonials and Reviews


There’s a secret weapon in Facebook marketing, and it’s your customer testimonials and reviews. In fact, research from Vendasta shows that 88% of people say reviews influence their purchases. That same study also said 73% of consumers read six or more testimonials before buying a service or product.

What does all this mean? It means that people care as much about self-promotion as they do about what their friends, family, and even strangers are saying. So, point blank, if you aren’t monetizing your reviews, you’re missing out.

Keep in mind that you don’t just want reviews and testimonials that proclaim how great your product or service is, or even that you’re better than your competition. Sure, that’s wonderful but it’s not great logic when trying to convince someone to make a purchase. Rather post customer testimonials and reviews that talk about how your service made their life better or solved a problem.


Learn The Secrets To Entrepreneurial Success


So, there you have it—it is very possible to turn Facebook Likes into sales, you just need to know what you’re doing. Lucky for you, you now have a head start!

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