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A professional, well-designed website is one of the most valuable marketing tools tax professionals have at their disposal. Not only does creating a virtual tax preparation business website give your company credibility, but it also helps customers find you more easily.

If you own a tax preparation business but haven’t created a website for it yet, building one is likely a lot easier (and less expensive) than you might’ve originally thought.

So, get your pen and paper handy! In this article, I’ll be discussing everything you need to know to create and brand an effective virtual tax preparation business website.


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Step #1: Choose A Website Building Platform


There are a number of platforms business owners can use to create customized websites. If you plan on building your own virtual tax preparation business website, the most popular and user-friendly options are where you should start.

Some of these include:

Depending on which one you choose, you’ll have multiple options for themes, intuitive plugins, and other customizable features all at the tip of your fingers.

If you don’t feel savvy enough to build your own website, you can always hire a professional web designer to do it for you, but likely at a much bigger cost.

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Step #2: Publish Strong Content


An effective website lets customers know exactly what your business is, who you are, and how to contact you. When you’re fleshing out the main content sections of your site, you’ll want to include a few basic—but essential—elements.


1: Your Business Home Page


A good home page defines your virtual tax preparation business and includes relevant keywords used for search engine optimization, also called SEO. Your home page is also a great place to showcase short customer reviews and testimonials and your affiliated social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.


2: Your ‘About Us’ Page


A strong ‘About’ page discusses your skills and expertise, a brief history of your virtual tax prep business, and any certifications you or your employees potentially hold. 

This section of your website is very important; It’s where you stand out as trustworthy, competent, and likable to possible customers. Consider including professional photos like headshots and couple them with a little bit of personal info that people can connect with.


3: Your Service Pages


Depending on your business, you can have one service page or multiple service pages on your website. These are the pages that briefly (but comprehensively) explain the tax services you offer. For example, tax prep services for businesses or individuals, refund advances, bank products, and any other non-tax related service you offer like payroll management or bookkeeping.


4: Your Contact Page


This page should visibly display any and all contact information for your tax prep business. This includes your email address, phone number, company address (if applicable), and your hours of operation. 

Another thing that’s important to include is some type of contact form that allows customers to directly message you outside of typical business hours. When generating the form, make sure that it contains a place for clients to input their first name, email address, and personal phone number.

Keep in mind that if you do gather email addresses from potential tax customers, you can utilize them for any branding or marketing campaigns.


5: An FAQ Page


A page for frequently asked questions isn’t a necessity, but it is highly encouraged as it’s a place where clients can go to conveniently find answers to common queries. It also is a great place to utilize SEO techniques, which helps your virtual tax preparation business website stand out among local competitors. 


6: A Tax-Related Blog


Like an FAQ page, a blog is a fantastic tool for increasing organic traffic to your website.

Each article should include specific SEO elements like keywords, internal and external links, heading tags, and relevant, authoritative content.

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Step #3: Concentrate On Local SEO


Search engine optimization is a vital part of an effective virtual tax preparation business website. In fact, one of the primary purposes of your website is to help your tax prep business be seen by potential clients on search engine results pages—known as SERPs. 

In order to accomplish that, you’ve got to systematically place relevant keywords and phrases throughout the content on your website wherever it naturally fits in and makes sense.

As for the tax preparation business, focus on phrases and words that most accurately describe your services. For example, ‘tax help’, ‘tax services’, ‘tax professional’, ‘business tax help’, ‘tax filing help’, and any other phrases that resonate with your company. Also, make sure to include terms that are specific to your geographic location. For example, if your tax business is in Detroit, target key phrases like ‘Detroit tax preparation’, ‘Ann Arbor tax help’, or ‘Troy tax services’. 


Step #4: Get Help From A Tax Preparation Business Expert


If you’ve made it through steps one through three but still feel like you could use some guidance, working with a tax preparation business expert is a great way to eliminate a little bit of your stress. Not only can I help you with your website, but I can also help at every stage of development, including how to create a tax preparation business plan

As I always say, “There’s no time like the present”—so stop chasing the bag and let the bag come to you. I’ve helped thousands of people become successful entrepreneurs, let me help you too!

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